9:01pm 11-21-2017
Retired from the US Cavalry for some time now, did 4/7 Cav at Garry Owen (old Camp Pelham) 97/98
No more Black Rifles for me. I have a 1st Batch NPM

GREAT SITE and tremendous info all in one place
8:50am 05-12-2017
Ed Forman
Great website and information! Bookmarked to use in the future! Thank you!
11:36am 12-17-2016
Bruce Pama
enjoyed our QSO on 20M 73
11:29am 10-29-2016
Mark Townsend
Interesting website!
I have an M-1 Carbine, a 2-44 Inland that my father brought back from the Korean War, where he served in the U.S. Navy, U.D.T. Team #3. I don't believe he was issued the carbine, he probably did some horse trading The carbine lived in a closet for decades; when I inherited it I had a gunsmith center the rear sight to make it shoot O.C. The 'smith offered to buy the carbine, saying he had never seen one with as tight of lock-up as mine (most were very well used). I said no was my father's gun, and I won't be selling anything he left.
9:03pm 08-18-2016
Scott Parkhurst
Thanks for the link pal! I enjoyed reading your page!
5:16pm 08-09-2016
This is a test posting....
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