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6:56am 06-15-2022
Hey guys!

I've just come across your M&P9 review and it's a very interesting read. I'd like to offer one of our custom leather holsters for this pistol for you to review, in case you're interested

I think some more holster tips for this gun would be appreciated by many of your readers!

Keep up the good work and I'll look forward to getting in touch with you!

Regards, Al
9:53pm 01-22-2022
Mike Green
Was in Korea 85-86. Found your site looking for Korea maps, great stuff here, thanks!
7:20am 12-05-2020
Bob Lucas
Great pages, well done interesting.
Mostly CW op here, and I live in AZ where carry permits
aren't needed. But, the downside is, people armed with little training.
See you on 40, 20 CW sometime! 73 Bob
4:33am 06-25-2020
Chan Lofland
Really enjoyed our QSO and remembering my (our) ole Army days. Big part of our lives. Especially slick that you were able to operate from so many countries. I only had German call, other places used my call on military equipment. Hope to catch you another day.
Chan KC4CL
9:01pm 04-23-2020
David Runion
Great QRZ page!
Think I'll just delete mine.

Thanks for your service.
I was 18 in 1969 and waiting to get drafted.
Didn't happen, then the lottery excluded me.
I wanted to join the army or air force, but, those were some rough times.
Lot of guys not coming back from the rice patties.
I do have some weapons though.
Very similar to yours.
BTW, listening to you now on 7.180 blowing in here banging on S20.

8:56am 06-23-2019
Bob Stoll
I trained with the M14 in BCT (1966) and liked its range and accuracy. I did not go to Vietnam, so I never used it in combat. I was an MP on a Special Weapons site in northern Italy, so I carried a .45. I have recently aquirred an M1 from my father-in-law and am anxious to give it a try. I ran across you website on a Facebook post. Great site. Very informative and the best overall info I have found so far. Thanks.
8:13am 06-23-2019
Bernard McCarthy
I loved my M1 as well. Till it was stolen. Thanx for sharing!
5:19am 04-23-2019
we know each other from the Flag Counter Forum.
I was a young man in the 6941st Labor Service Center (Guard) (Germany - Berlin).
The armament was the Rifle M16 A1 and a pistol M1911, cal .45.
Your pages are very interesting.
Many Greetings from Germany, berni ...
1:36pm 08-25-2018
Thanks for taking the time to put this site up. Useful information!
3:57pm 08-19-2018
Great Information on safe carry guns, and equipment to use with them.
9:17pm 06-20-2018
Don Annis
Very nice, informative website. As a new M1 carbine owner I enjoyed reading your helpful information. Lastly, thank you for your service to our country.
2:53am 04-04-2018
Mark Kasarjian
Great info. I recently got a G2C which I thoroughly enjoy and is my edc.
Needed the info on mags as Tautus mags seem challenging to find.
7:04am 02-20-2018
Great site !!
6:35pm 01-25-2018
Floyd Dwayne Viernum
Visiting you from the Facebook group for the PT111G2. Nice page you have here. I bookmarked it and will be able to use a lot of the info. Thanks a bunch.
6:06pm 01-03-2018
Jon Yarger
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article on the M&P Shield. I love the gun and have done some of the things you talked about and I’ll probably do others. Thanks for such a good article. Jon
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